COHOUSE Studios takes pride in calling the Cannery Precinct of Rosebery home—a place where the pulse of Sydney's creative heartbeat is felt most strongly. This iconic destination is a tapestry of the city's finest culinary delights, boutique shopping, and wellness sanctuaries, all woven together within the fabric of a rich industrial heritage. As you step out of our studio space, you're immersed in a bustling ecosystem that caters to both the discerning professional and the creative soul.
Shops & Restaurants
The precinct offers an eclectic mix of experiences, from the artisanal aromas wafting from the cafes to the innovative designs showcased in the fashion houses. Here, the spirit of community thrives, and COHOUSE Studios is at the center, providing a collaborative and inspiring environment that reflects the precinct's vibrant energy. Our space is more than a mere location; it's a lifestyle, a place to connect, create, and cultivate your passion amidst the best Rosebery has to offer.
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